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After a bad break-up, I moved back home looking to follow my dreams of becoming a writer. 
But when I'm offered an insane amount of money to teach French to a teenager, I can't turn it down. 
And that’s when I meet him. My boss.
He’s grumpy and arrogant and he gets my back up every time he opens his mouth. 
Yet I can't help being attracted to him and once we get past our differences, we’re fire together. 
But just like this summer's heatwave, our relationship has an expiry date that neither of us can ignore. 
Am I just setting myself up for more hurt, or will there be a happy ending as in the books I long to write?


I may be wildly successful, but my personal life is a mess. 
I’m a workaholic single father with at least one kid who hates my guts and a girlfriend who just wants to spend my money. 
So this time off the grid is the chance I need to find myself again, regroup, and make some long-awaited decisions about my life and the people in it. 
What I don’t expect is her. 
She’s everything the women I date are not. A natural beauty who has no fear of putting me back in my place. I should hate it, but before long I fall headlong under her spell. 
But can lives as different as ours ever become one? And do I have the courage to truly let go of my life and step into the unknown?

Where We Fall

Mark and Léa Hunter have everything they want: a deeply passionate relationship, beautiful children, thriving businesses, their dream life in the South of France. But, while on a trip to London, an incident happens that triggers a response in Mark that will have long-ranging repercussions on their relationship, their family and their lives.

As Mark and Léa learn to navigate the new state of their relationship, their eldest son, Max, is determined to save his parents’ relationship with disastrous consequences.

With the love of his life moving away from him and his son fighting for his life, Mark Mark needs to find a way to heal his relationship if he wants to keep everything he holds dear together.

But as things start to improve, someone from Mark’s past returns, threatening to shatter the fragile equilibrium Léa and Mark have found. 

WHERE WE FALL explores the fragility of our strongest bonds, what holds us back, and what it takes to forgive the ones we love.

Love Always

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