I was born and raised near Paris, France. 

After a BA in History from Sorbonne University and a BA in Management from European Business School (EBS) Paris, I followed my dreams to move to London to pursue a career in the music industry. There, I worked for big and small companies in music and media in rights management. I also produced a movie entitled “Happy Birthday Toby Simpson” and worked freelance advising independent companies on their music usage. 

After twenty years in London (and a couple in Los Angeles) and completing a Master Degree in English, I moved back to France in 2016 where I now teach English in a high school near Paris. 

I like writing contemporary, emotional stories with a touch of sensuality. I used to work in the music industry both the UK and the US before coming back to France and I like using my knowledge of different places and people in my books. 

A little bit like me, my current heroine has worked abroad before coming back to France and has to face many challenges. I like writing about women and men who are at a crossroad in life and need to make changes. Family, relationships and the way we communicate are major themes in my work. 

Céline Chancelier is a pen name.