forever love


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Two years ago, I found her again and lost her. All because of me.
But when life brings us together again, I'm ready to take that one step and hope for redemption.
Except that I get more than I bargained for.
I'm a father. The one thing I always said I never wanted.
And it changes everything.
Until my past comes crashing into my present and I have to make a choice.

He gave me the best kiss of my life at sixteen in a janitor's closet on the scariest day of our lives.
Then we met again and he shattered my heart in a million pieces.
So when he turns up at my workplace determined to win me over again, it's a no.
Because I'm not the only one I need to look after and I'll do anything to protect the one good thing he gave me: our son.
But soon, lines get blurred and boundaries smashed. I'm in deep and I start to believe that maybe we'll have our HEA after all.
Until I learn who one of my patients is to Jake and he asks me to choose.


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