Have faith in the love you share. Honour it. It’ll carry you through the highs and lows of life.

Three months after the crisis that threatened to end their marriage, Mark and Léa’s relationship is nowhere near to what it used to be.

Despite being a man who goes after what he wants, Mark is a patient man. Still, he is more than a little flustered by the pushback he gets for Léa as he tries to bring back their relationship to what it was before. He wants his wife back and is determined to do everything in his power to succeed.

Léa, behind her sunny disposition, hides a secret that she finds too painful to share with him. Since the assault she suffered at the hands of Stéphane Varnier, she can’t write. And as the crippling realisation takes hold, she finds herself sinking further and further away from Mark.

But Mark has a secret of his own. One that could blow up their relationship from the inside out again if Léa ever finds out. Can he, with the help of his friends, set her free of Stéphane Varnier’s nefarious influence without her ever finding how he did it?

As a secret Armand de Daujac hid for over seventy years come to light and they set off to London on an impromptu trip, deeply buried secrets, desires and disappointments will come to light pushing them to reveal themselves in a way they never did before.

Will the baring of their souls be enough to recover the trust they once had?

THE HEART OF US is the emotional conclusion to Céline Chancelier’s OUR SECOND CHANCES series.